Updates! Firmware Update Check 6.1 + Device Diagnositcs HUB 2.7 r2

October 20, 2016

Hi, I've released two bugfix updates for Firmware Update Check and Device Diagnostics HUB. Here's the full changelog: Firmware Update Check 6.1 (Download from Windows Store) Improved the algorithm that calculates the product code of a device. Improved the firmware version comparison. Other small b

Device Diagnostics HUB – Version 2.7 available now!

October 12, 2016

Hi! I've released a new important update for Device Diagnostics HUB! This is one of the most innovative app on the Windows Store, as you'll be able... to get CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage and Wi-Fi usage and information. to restart or shutdown your device with a touch, with Cortana and LiveTiles. to clos

Vettore 10 Private ALPHA, join now! Limited entries!

October 10, 2016

Hi! I've opened the private ALPHA for Vettore 10, my new Vectrex emulator for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. To be elegible you've to redeem the key, then you'll be able to download the app from the Windows Store. Update | The current private alpha is closed as keys are finished, I'm making some

Support Pasqui industry on Patreon!

September 20, 2016

My Patreon link is available here WHY PATREON? Hi, I decided to open my page on Patreon. If you don't know this platform, it's a website where you can support creators by making a payment subscription. (Here's the home page link) I'm on Windows Store since 2013 and only from end 2015 I've started

New app! Winxlr, a third party client for Mixlr for Windows 10 and Xbox One!

September 14, 2016

Welcome to Winxlr, a third party client for Mixlr :D Mixlr (Link to Mixlr.com) is one of the best service for creating audio broadcasts and now you can listen your favourite radios on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One too! This version is marked as BETA because some features are still work

[ITA] RNorba si aggiorna alla versione 2.0! Supporto Xbox One e nuova interfaccia!

September 2, 2016

Major Update per RNorba! This post is in italian because the app was made for italian users only. However, this app is available within other countries, feel free to download ;) Sul Windows Store è adesso disponibile la nuova versione di RNorba, l'app non ufficiale per seguire Radionorba, sia la ra

Firmware Update Check 6 available! New official sources, revamped interface and 3rd app anniversary!

August 22, 2016

A new major update for Firmware Update Check is now available! :D If you don't know what is this app about: this is an helper for getting your device always up to date with some additional features. NOTA PER GLI UTENTI ITALIANI | Il changelog ufficiale e completo in italiano è disponibile nel mio p

[Giveaway ended] Device Diagnostics HUB – Update 2.6 available now. Anniversary Update bugfixes.

July 25, 2016

Giveaway ended - details The giveaway ended, now I'm going to press the button to extract the winners! I will contact you via e-mail (English and italian Language) and, if possible, via facebook or twitter too (depends on the partecipation method). I'll wait 7 days for a reply. If I get a reply, I w

Device Diagnostics HUB 2.0 now available with a lot of new features

June 1, 2016

Welcome to Device Diagnostics HUB 2! An advanced way to discover new secrets about Windows 10 Devices and get a lot of new exclusive features! More than a Task Manager! This app combine the Windows Developer tools with the UWP functions to get new informations and features! I've released the 2.0 ve

Giveaway – 2 Codes for Device Diagnostics HUB IAP!

February 29, 2016

Hi, Welcome to my first giveaway! I'm giving away two codes for Device Diagnostics HUB! Ok, just two because I'm testing for the first time Rafflecopter and I don't want to make some mistakes XD (More will come soon ;) ) Just follow the instructions and you're ready to partecipate! The contest will