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My Patreon link is available here


Hi, I decided to open my page on Patreon. If you don’t know this platform, it’s a website where you can support creators by making a payment subscription. (Here’s the home page link)

I’m on Windows Store since 2013 and only from end 2015 I’ve started to release apps with IAPS and banners with ADs. However, a lot of apps I’ve released and I’m going to release will be 100% free to use, not IAPs, no ADS

Usually they’re unofficial apps for some apps already available on Android or iOS, homebrew apps that aren’t available on Windows Store or apps that I wanted to release for free just because I don’t want to exclude some features.

The Windows Store takes about 50% on IAPs, so I’ve to increase the amount to pay and I don’t want to use IAPs only for donation purpose because of this problem.

I think that Patreon may became a good way to let me concentrate on making more and better apps and reduce or remove the IAPs on existing and future apps. A new app will arrive this week for italian users.
This will depend on how much I can monthly from Patreon. I will add some “goals“.


I’m new to Patreon, so I need to discover this platform and there may be some changes in the near future and there may be some changes or errors (I’ve opened my Patreon for earning more XD). I will update my apps soon with some bugfixes and a Patreon button visible inside the homepage. Paypal is still available for donations too.
For any problem, feel free to contact me 😃