Firmware Update Check 6 available! New official sources, revamped interface and 3rd app anniversary!


A new major update for Firmware Update Check is now available! ūüėÄ
If you don’t know what is this app about: this is an helper for getting your device always up to date with some additional features.

NOTA PER GLI UTENTI ITALIANI | Il changelog ufficiale e completo in italiano è disponibile nel mio post su

Here’s a list of every change I made from 5.7 to 6.0

  • Revamped interface
    As I wanted to leave this app as a Windows Phone 8.1 app, I’ve decided to update the interface to be similar to my latest WP8 apps, such as CustomWPSystem and CustomSystemSounds. For this app, denim blue is the main color.
  • New¬†source!
    As Microsoft deleted the page with the list of current O.S. and Firmware versions for Lumia devices, I worked to find another official source and I found and the FiRe implmenentation (The same used by Navifirm+ and called Nokia Care). Firmware selection will be the same as the Windows Device Recovery Tool one.

    As this is the first implementation, you may get some errors from this feature. Please contact me so I can add any missing device.

  • More devices are compatible!
    Following the implementation of FiRe, I’ve noticed that it’s possible to get informations from other OEMs too. so, for the first time ever, Firmware Update Check officially supports non-Lumia devices too! I don’t have a full list, but these are the same compatible with Windows Device Recovery Tool
  • Windows 10 eligibility
    This is a new section of this app. You’ll find a full list of almost every Windows Phone/Mobile made with their elegibility state, divided by countries. The app will try to check automatically for Windows 10 elegilibity on your device too.
  • Windows build
    Within the app, you’ll be able to see the current Windows build too. So if you’re on Windows 10 10586, you’ll see 10.0.13333.0 as Windows version and 10.0.10586 as Windows build.
  • Improved news section
    The news section now looks way better! Colors will match to the current theme and a multi-language option will be implemented soon.
  • Improved app section
    I’ve added more details to the apps list, such as a description and the adviced version.
  • Custom tile style
    This is an option that I’m adding within every app I’m making. You’ll be able to choose the LiveTile picture by choosing from three styles.
  • Improved LiveTile
    I’ve improved the LiveTile. Now¬†it’s way lighter and simple.

Let me know if you like this update. For any feedback or advice, feel free to contact me!

Download Firmware Update Check from the Windows Store


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