Vettore 10 Private ALPHA, join now! Limited entries!

Hi! I’ve opened the private ALPHA for Vettore 10, my new Vectrex emulator for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

To be elegible you’ve to redeem the key, then you’ll be able to download the app from the Windows Store.

Update | The current private alpha is closed as keys are finished, I’m making some tests for the next release, stay tuned ūüėÄ


Known issues of this version

  • Unfortunately the Xbox One version won’t be released, as Microsoft doesn’t accept any type of emulator for Xbox One, neither trough [email protected]
  • On Windows 10 Mobile,¬†the screen may not be aligned correctly and can overflow. To resolve, try to rotate the screen or press the reset button.
    Update | Attempting to resolve this problem for the next Alpha
  • Touch controls may be unresponsive and difficult to use.¬†An Xbox One pad or a keyboard is advised.
  • On Mobile, the invisible part of the touch buttons may prevent the menu to open. If you want to open the menu correctly, tap only on the top of the screen.
  • Music may have wrong pitch on some devices and can be a little laggy.
  • ROMs that are using bank switching (ZIP format) aren’t currently supported, such as LineArt.
  • The demo¬†“where have all the pixels gone” is starting from the credits screen. There may be other incompatibilities with other ROMs and Demos. I will release¬†a compatibility list soon.
  • Low budget Windows Mobile devices may run the emulator very slowly. A Snapdragon 8xx is reccomended. I’ve tested the emulator on the follow Windows 10 Mobile devices:
    • Lumia 435: very low FPS. I don’t think it’s playable.
    • Lumia 735: playable, but there are some FPS drop.
    • Lumia 950: runs very well, sometimes the emulator runs faster than expected.
  • Some sound effects may loop during gameplay. On Minestorm, noises will reset when the player lose a life or during level change.
  • At the moment you can’t set the emulator volume. I will add this feature soon.
    Update | Attempting to resolve this problem for the next Alpha
  • The app may crash on the Keyboard section with the bundled bios (Thanks to Legochesser :D)
    Update | Attempting to resolve this problem for the next Alpha

If you find other issues, please contact me. You’ll find my social links inside this website or inside the “About” section of the app.


IMPORTANT | I’m available for any type or feedback or request. I need feedback before the public release, so, let me know what do you think about this version and, at least, let me know if you’ve redeemed the code, thanks! 😁

Redeem the key here (Limited entries!)

Download on Windows Store Here

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