Browser games and my future works

Hi, if you follow me on X, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram or other socials, you already saw that I’ve released some browser games.

In this post I want to show you my latest creations and what you can expect in the future from me.

Before starting: more storefronts!

I’ve stared releasing some of my apps and games on different storefronts. At the moment I’m still experimenting, but expect to see my creations outside the Microsoft Store more often.

Obviusly the Microsoft Store will still be my primary choice since I like the features it provides, however it’s clear that the users don’t want to use it and the usage has plummeted a lot it makes my app invisible on the web.

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Why browser games?

In these years I had some ideas on some fast games for me and my friends, so I decided to create a codebase and start to create some games. With this codebase, I was able to create FootyKitDle in about two days, including the data management.


This is a game for the lovers of music, however anybody can play it easily. The player has to guess the genre of a cover of a release – which can be either an album, a single, a complilation.

Screenshot of JASBIAC on desktop

This is a daily game, which means that every day there’s a new quiz. Each day, there are three album covers with one or two genres to guess.

Don’t worry if you miss a day, you can play any of the previous days without losing any streak

The game is free and ad-supported. You can play it directly from your browser web. No installation necessary.


If you like football – or soccer if you’re american – you’ll really like this game.

In FootyKitDle you’ll have to guess the football team by its jersey one piece at a time in 5 attempts. You’ll also get some clues while playing.

I’ve implemented different modes, each one contains a different group of teams. There are easier ones – like the Top 5 european leagues – and the harder ones, where the team can be each one of the top 15 european leagues and all the finalists of the continental cups around the world, like the Champions League.

Like JASBIAC, it’s a free browser game. it’s ad supported (you can hide the banner with just a click) and doesn’t require any installation.

Other games

I also made two more games: Comuni Non Comuni and Can I play HD2 Here?

Comuni Non Comuni

Comuni Non Comuni is a game made for an italian audience, where you have to guess which one is a real italian City. Like JASBIAC and FootyKitDle, this is a free ad-supported browser game.

Comuni Non Comuni NES Edition

I also made a NES demake of this game, thanks to a set of tools and language called NESFab.

Can I play HD2 Here

Can I play HD2 Here was a joke-game about the Helldivers 2 – PlayStation Network situation, where Sony decided to remove the game from multiple countries.

The game consists of guessing which of the two countries shown is supported by the PSN. The list of the countries are based on the data by Steam.

Since the situation has changed, but not completely “resolved”, I decided to pause any further update of this one, but it can return in a different form 👀

The future

If you’re worried that I’ll only make browser games from now, don’t worry. I always wanted to try different things in my free time. I’ve started with (bad) videogames, I’ve moved to making modding tools and utilities, working on apps and more. Don’t expect a specific theme from me.

At the moment I’m at a good point on a project and I’ve started writing my next project.
I can just say that the first one is an old friend and the new one is something different from what I made in the past.
Meanwhile, I may release some random games. FootyKitDle was made in 48 hours from a random suggestion I got from my friends.