FootyKitDle • Guess the football team by its jersey… one piece at a time

FootyKitDle is a daily game – like WordLe – where you have to guess the the football team by its jersey and entire kit.

Operating SystemWeb browser
Android from version 6
Windows Desktop from Windows 10 19041 or Windows 11
PriceFree without in-app purchases. A single banner is visible at the bottom
Download fromPWA from any web browser
Microsoft Store
Google Play Store (Soon available) (To access this page and join the internal beta you currently need to subscribe to this dedicated Google Group)
Still supportedYes
LanguagesEnglish, italiano

How to play FootyKitDle

Every day you’ll have to guess which football team uses that uniform as their home kit.

The kits you’ll see are from Wikipedia, with their pixel-art style.

They’re almost all the kits used from the 2023-2024 season, however there may be some kits from earlier years.

You’ll start by seeing only the socks. Each attempt will reveal another piece: the arms, the shorts, the shirt and, finally, their league.

Different modes

Each mode consists in a different group of football teams.
At the moment we have four modes:

More modes may arrive soon, if the game is successfull enough 👀

Note for Android users

Soon this app will be available to test from the Google Play Store. If you want to partecipate, please…

Features of FootyKitDle

Screenshots from FootyKitDle

Desktop and mobile

Do you have questions or suggestions

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