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Welcome! I’m Pasquale, known on the web as “Pasqui industry” and this is my official website.
Here you’ll find the latest news and resources about my creations, including all my links, downloads and tutorials about my apps.

About me

Hi, I’m Pasquale, from Conversano, a small city in south Italy. I started to make software in 2010 with the brand name Pasqui industry and I still make apps and games today. I’m currently focused on making apps and games for the Microsoft Store, the Google Play Store and the web.

Apps developed by Pasqui industry

I made different apps in these years, here are my currently supported apps. There will get future updates as soon as possible.

Games developed by Pasqui industry

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For all the updates and the previews about my creations, please follow me on my social pages. I usually post there before writing something here. My username is usually @Pasquiindustry or Pasqui industry

Support my work

I usually release my apps and games for free and I want to avoid using too much ad banners.
If you like my creations and you want me to keep doing my best, you can support my work by making a donation. Small or big, every contribution matters.

Really thanks!

Latest posts on my blog

I usually prefer to post news on my social pages, however I may release some article sometimes.
Read all of them here!