Translation tables for Device Diagnostics HUB 1.5 available. Update coming soon.

Hi, I’m releasing the translation tables for Device Diagnostics HUB 1.5
Here’s a zip file with different csv files, one for every Language.
You can open this format with Excel or Notepad.

You’ll find these columns:
The only string to translate is the “Target”. Do not edit other strings, or you’ll damage the file.

You can send me the translation files on Facebook or E-mail (pasindustry at Outlook dot com)
Obviuslty I will give you a present for your work and you’ll appear on a dedicated page within the app.
If you want, you can provide me any of these:
– Your name
– Your nickname
– Social networks links
– Website link
– Windows Store publisher name

If I’ll receive multiple translations of the same Language, I will patch the older one. Better english translations are accepted too 😉

DOWNLOAD | Translation tables ZIP

I’ve a bugfix release ready, I’ll wait some translations before releasing the update 😉
Really thanks 😀

LANGUAGES ALREADY OK (List to be updated)
– Italian (it)