Pasqui industry’s Windows 8 tools: The collection – 5TH Anniversary!


Hi, today is the 5TH anniversary since the creation of “Pasqui industry”, so I wanted to share with you this collection of my first ever tools created for Windows 8 (or Windows 8 related).

IMPORTANT NOTE | I’ve only collected these tools with a single page only to organize everything. These tools were abandoned and some functions may damage your PC. Any related page will be dismissed. Don’t ask me for source code.
Another thing: these tools were created a lot of time ago and I was really young, so please do not take them as my better tools. Thanks.

This was the first tool to allow users to create desktop links to some Windows Store app. Now it’s useless because from Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 it’s possible to create a link for every app natively.

ModernBack changer

This tool was very successful on Windows 8, because that was the only way to add a customized background to the startscreen. This tool, however, isn’t compatible with Windows 8.1 and next and may damage your PC!

Modern Login Screensaver

This screensaver, available for every Windows, allowed users to add a Windows 8 style Lockscreen.
Still works, but with problems with screen DPI. Also multi-screen isn’t supported :S

Show TabTip

This tool was created to resolve a bug related to the virtual keyboard on Windows 8. With this tool enabled the keyboard will pop-up when the user tap on a text box. Now that bug was resolved.

ThisPC Folder

This tool was created for Windows 8.1 Preview and allowed users to customize the “This PC” folder with new folders.

GameMaker Color List generator

A small tool that allows GameMaker developers to create custom lists with customized colors. Not that useful unfortunately…


A small utility created for developers to create lnk files. Worked with some problems…


Ok, that’s everything… remember that these tools were my first experiments ever, don’t take them serious 😀