[Download disponibile!] ModernLogin 2.5 [Aggiornamento x2: Link DeviantArt e Softpedia!]

Un terzo programma si aggiunge ai tool completi creati da me per Windows 8, anzi, questo tool è compatibile con tutte le versioni di Windows (preferibilemnte da IWndows Xp in poi)

Il programma è, in realtà uno screensaver, necessita di installazione per essere integrato in Windows e simula la lockscreen di Windows 8.

Completo di molte impostazioni come:
> Sfondo personalizzato
> Traducibile
> Personalizzazione data e ora (am/pm, 24h e ordine)
> Integrazione con Windows
> adattabile a qualsiasi risoluzione
> checking degli aggiornamenti
> pulsanti social
> funziona sui touchscreen (dovrebbe)

Questa versione non ha ancora il pattern login, ma questo verrà introdotto nella versione finale 3.0

Potete installarlo cliccando col tasto destro su “install”.
Vi consiglio di copiare lo screensaver nella cartella system32 (32-bit) o syswowo64 (64-bit), così potete facilmente aggiungere nuove lingue.

Download screensaver:

ModernLogin 2.5 screensaver Inglese
Download LP italiano: Italiano lingua+help

Prego i siti che linkano di inserire, oltre al download, il link a questo articolo e di utilizzare i link postati precedentemente così da poter monitorare i download.


Vi annuncio che lo screensaver ha quasi raggiunto i 3000 download!

Recensione Softpedia: Unlock the Desktop Windows 8 Style
Pagina download Softpedia: ModernLogin 2.5 Beta

DeviantArt Link: ModernLogin screensaver by ~Pasquiindustry

Naturalmente non è in versione beta. Gli editori di Softpedia sono stati segnalti dell’errore. La valutazione potrebbe quindi cambiare 😉

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  • He Xintong

    I am so sorry that I used your screensaver, but your screensaver do not support Chinese characters. Here is my translation: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=90305F79A2EC573C!110&authkey=!ANnHaS8C_b81Cfw

    • I relized it…

      I’m working to check if I can add Chinese characters support.
      Thanks for the reporting 😀

      P.s.: I Can’t download from this link

      • Ok, downloaded. It was an issue from Microsoft web services. Maybe i will pubblish a minor version with oriental language support 😉

    • Dirk

      Translation to Dutch:
      :Pasqui industry
      :Language file

      author=”Pasqui industry”
      Select_background=”Kies een afbeelding als achtergrond”
      No_valid_image_selected=”Geen geldige afbeelding gekozen”
      Text_color=”Kleur van de tekst”
      Add_ini_lang=”Kies een taalbestand”
      write_filename_without_ext=”Het bestand bestaat niet of is ongeldig”

      To_get_a_better_result_donwload_segoeUI_light_font_if_you_dont_have_this=”Om een beter resultaat te bekomen, download het lettertype SegoeUI light; mocht je het nog niet hebben.”

      developed_by=”Sviluppato da:”
      Thanks_to=”Grazie a:”
      contact_me=”Contacteer me”

      12_24_h_time=”Selecteer tijdweergave (12 of 24 uur)”

      week=”Dag van de maand”

      small_preview_notsupported=”Kleine voorvertoning niet beschikbaar”

      day_order=”Wijze waarop de dagen worden getoond”

      Ini_author=”Auteur van het ini-bestand:”


      • Thanks a lot!
        P.s. You can edit author tag with your nickname 😉

  • Anand

    Can you tell me which tools did you use to create this screensaver i would like to make one without the nagscreen and selfextracting files which slows the performance and also try to take it out of visual from the taskbar

    • But i don’t understand. This screensaver have good performance and files are needed for Language, help and a basical dll.
      What is the “nagscreen” and what do you mean with “try to take it out of visual from the taskbar”?

      • Anand

        Well actually when you start it for about 5 seconds a red square apperars in the start of the screensaver also i guess every because everytime the application has been started it overwrites the its dll and help files thus giving it some delay to activate.But dont get this wrongly the program is very good all i am asking is do you have the plain .scr file and how to stop the red square….thanks for replying

        • Reducing starting delay is possibile. This project isn’t open-source and it isn’t complete. I will add pattern login (when I have time to do it…) and I will resolve all glitchs (ot a good part) and I will improve preformances.
          When an update is ready, the pop-up window in about menu, will show the update 😉

          • Anand

            Thanks i shall look forword for the next verson hope you can remove the nagscreen and also distribute the dll and all contents separately in rar format instead of selfextracting type. THANKS

          • Maybe I Will integrate the dll into the exe with languages files too 😉