Firmware Update Check + Device Diagnostics HUB – bugfix update available!

Hi, a new update for both Firmware Update Check and Device Diagnostics HUB with some bugfixes and new features is now available!
Here are the changelogs:

Firmware Update Check 5.7


– Fixed recognition of “Latin America” devices
– Fixed recognition of “Palestinian territories” devices
– Fixed recognition of “AT&T” devices
– Fixed casual crash caused an ad banner
– FW and OS versions within homepage looks better
– App section now will support Windows 10 apps

Device Diagnostics HUB 1.6


– Better exception management.
– Removed annoying error messages.
– Fixed the IAP problem.
– Released the translation tables. Please check out my socials and website if you want to collaborate.
– Added translations for the IAP process.
– A lot of other bugfixes.

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