Firmware Update Check 5.5.1 available + translation strings

Hey! Firmware Update Check 5.5 (and a small bugfix 5.5.1) is now available for download on Windows Phone Store

Version 5.5 changelog:
> Added in-app purchase to remove ads (after purchase you have to restart the application) [BETA]
> Interface renewed
> Ability to sort the list of options according to three phones
> Algorithm for the recognition of the device in automatic mode [BETA]
> New tutorial significantly simplified
> “Tips” replaced with intelligent alerts and interactive
> Support for new as the Lumia 640, XL 640, 540, 430
> Added new countries, such as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Libya, Senegal, Brunei, Laos, Mongolia, Bolivia, Iran
> Full support to the theme white
> Fix for LiveTile
> Shortcuts for a list of countries and the list of devices
> Translation rewritten and improved.
> Now you can easily translate the app
> Reduced weight of the app
> Code partially cleaned
> Small bugfix various

As the translations are not perfect and there are still some languages missing, you can submit your translation. Check this page, there’s an Excel file available.