Hi guys, i announce today my first app for Windows Phone o.s. !
Lumia Amber Check it’s an app that ckeck if the Nokia Amber update is available for your Nokia Lumia (520-620-720-820-920 + Country Variants)
Select the country (all the world!), look at the table and search for your Model and Brand
Check if the update is “Waiting for approval” (you have to wait too…), “Coming Soon” (Arriving in somedays) and “Available” (Hurray 😀 )

If I have a Windows Phone that Updates via OTA, why i need to check the update with an app?
Easy, this app is available for any Windows phone (wp 7.x with 256MB RAM too), you can find the availability without waiting for your phone (sometimes, Windows Phone could not advice immediately for the update), you can check for the update with a slow internet connection, check for a friend), This app isn0t useless 😉

The app is free, thanks to WindowsBlogItalia team (special thanks to ProH4Ck that help me with programmation and pubblishing)

The app language is English and it’s 100% free, rate with 5 stars, don’t rate with low stars, ask me for any problem or feedback, I accept any feedback 😉

An update is almost complete, we’re adding a lot of things 😉

Sorry for bad english

Windows Phone Store Link here | Lumia Amber Check