Hi, Check out the new Lumia Amber Check update!
Here’s the changelog:
> Better interface, now a native list will be shown instead of a generated webpage
> Now you can set as important a phone model by tapping and holding a list entry
> Added an Amber+GDR2 changelog, to see all newest functions
> Tray area will appear during download
> In the main menu, a string will advice you about your Windows Phone version
> High resolution tile added
> Removed useless app permissions

Check out if Amber update is Available, need several days to come or it’s nearly available
The interface is very simple and easy to use, find your country, tap on it and wait for downloading informations, a list will appear with model, brand and a coloured box
Tap and hold an entry to set it as important, get informations about your phone state and about the Amber+GDR2 changelog

Q: Why use this app if my phone will advice me anyway?
A: With this tool you can check the state of the update, in three states: not available, coming soon and available. Your phone, anyway, will not advice you immediately if the update is available. You can check manually for the update if in this app, Amber for your Lumia is available

Q: Why there are no other lumias? And the WP7?
A: The Amber update it’s arriving for lumia 520, 620, 720, 820, 920 and variants. WP7.8 will not recive this update (It’s not my fault) and Lumia 925, 928, 625 and 1020 came with Amber, so don’t put 1 star for this!

And some screenshots: