[Download] [Update] Lumia Amber Check became Lumia Update Check and reach 6500 reviews in Italy!

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6500+ reviews in italian Windows Phone store, 4.5 stars average – top 25 best voted apps

Ok… I’ve updated this app about a month ago
Lumia Amber Check, became Lumia Update Check (to go with other updates) and get a lot of new features!
Here the complete changelog, screenshot and download links:

LUMIA UPDATE CHECK 3.0 “Black Version”:
> App now in HomePage
> Added Nokia custom settings entery in Windows Phone Store

> Added mail features
> Added Non-listed devices (new devices with stock update and 7.8 devices)

> Added Italian translation
> Now supports translations
> Better LiveTile
> Better AppBar icons
> Layout small fix

> Fix crash at pin
> Small internal fix
> At&T smartphones are now displayed correctly

> Updated to be compatible with Nokia Black Update (not yet available!)
> New help screen with detailed tutorial, now you can’t say “it’s difficult” 😉
> Rich Update 3 + Black changelog, with every new function and new apps link
> New Live tile style

Old Lumia Amber Check versions changelog:
> Added the “Review” button
> Countries in the last place on the list now can be tapped
> Added the “not available” status (as gray)
> Improved the Background service button
> Other minor fixes

> Now the app didn’t crash anymore after tapping a country
> Added the LiveTile support and Background Agent
> Added a settings page
> Other minor fixes