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Download Test HDMI Display Modes – a tool to demonstrate that different HDMI output options and refresh rates are possible on Xbox One!

Hi! I’ve recently released a small tool to demonstrate that different HDMI output options are possible on Xbox One. This was made especially because a lot of video services are streaming their contents at 24, 25 or 50 fps, making some weird effects with a 60Hz refresh rate (judder effect).

Please consider that this tool isn’t meant to be used as an everyday multimedia player and it’s just a demonstration tool made in some hours (less than a day).

I made this tool in collaboration with Andrea Minini Saldini, head of IGN Italy.

For more details, I advice you to read these posts:

Download | Test HDMI display modes

Published by Pasquale "Pasqui industry" Pignataro

I'm a '96 italian independent developer and blogger. Recognized Developer on XDA and editor at Mainly developing for Windows and Windows Mobile with C#/XAML