Device Diagnostics HUB – Version 2.7 available now!

Hi! I’ve released a new important update for Device Diagnostics HUB!


This is one of the most innovative app on the Windows Store, as you’ll be able…

  • to get CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage and Wi-Fi usage and information.
  • to restart or shutdown your device with a touch, with Cortana and LiveTiles.
  • to close, open system process and apps.
  • to get a complete list of installed devices.
  • to clean unused RAM memory from Windows Mobile devices.
  • to pin to the Start menu any app you want with a customized tile

Here’s the full changelog available for the version 2.7

  • Users with Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will be able to remember the session while logging in with the authentication enabled. The tutorial will be updated soon.
  • Users with Windows 10 Desktop that are getting the error 0007, can download the tool Let Device Diagnostics HUB see Device Portal.
  • App and process sections are now faster, with reduced lag and freeze.
  • The default LiveTile will be the one with the colored background and logo. You’ll be still able to set your favourite tile from the app settings. Old settings will continue to be applied correctly.
  • The italian translation got improved. I will release the translation tables as soon i finish a small feature inside the tutorial page.
  • Added links to my Patreon inside the bottom bar and the About page.
  • You’ll be able to open the app by using URI protocols. The list of supported protocols will be available below this changelog.
  • Wrong or empty data will be hidden from CPU and GPU settings.
  • The chart from the Memory section now won’t glitch anymore with values over 100%.
  • The progress bar inside the battery section is now working correctly.
  • The charging value of the battery will now show only two decimal characters.
  • New graphic style for the LiveTile settings.
  • The app will now remember the filter setting applied inside the Process section.
  • The second and the third option while in the configuration page will now automatically set the focus inside the text box.
  • Added two links to open Wi-Fi and developers Windows settings. You’ll be able to reach them by pressing the three dots at the bottom.
  • The app layout got improved to match latest changes to my UI style.
  • Opening an app from a LiveTile will be faster. I advice to leave Device Diagnostics HUB opened in background to open apps even faster.
  • Cortana integration is way better than before. Now it’s working even with the authentication enabled.
  • Better error or confirmation messages will appear during the configuration.
  • A lot of small bugfix, inclusing ipconfig, social links and ad banner.

URI associations

  • ddh:
    Will open Device Diagnostics HUB on the home page (the semicolons are important)
  • ddh:cpu
    WIll open the CPU section of the app
  • ddh:gpu
    Will open the GPU section of the app
  • ddh:ram and ddh:memory
    Will open the memory section of the app
  • ddh:wifi and ddh:net and ddh:network
    Will open the network section of the app
  • ddh:battery
    Will open the battery section of the app
  • ddh:storage and ddh:device
    Will open the storage/device section (currently these sections are included inside one screen)
  • ddh:process
    Will open the process section
  • ddh:app
    Will open the app section
  • ddh:set or ddh:config
    Will open the configuration section of the app

Here’s the tutorial, this is important to follow!

Link | Tutorial

Download Device Diagnostics HUB from the Windows Store

Link | Windows Store


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