Device Diagnostics Hub reaches version 1.5!

Hi, Device Diagnostics hub gets an important update!
The first and original task manager for Windows 10 Mobile 😀


here’s the changelog of Device Diagnostics HUB 1.5 BETA

– The app is also available on the Desktop.
– Added support authentication.
– Added support to Cortana to turn off or restart your phone.
– Added many new languages. Now the app supports more than 40 languages, thanks to Bing Translator.
– The tutorial has been revolutionized. Now there is a wizard with attached video tutorials.
– The problem of special characters has been resolved in the APP.
– The data in the performance section are now more precise and detailed.
– Now you can clean the RAM going to release the memory occupied by the frozen app.
– Added link to my profile on Instagram.
– The LiveTile was finished.
– Added two new functions in the section BONUS: cleaning RAM, and the ipconfig command.

You can download the app from Windows Store for free (IAPs available)

For translation: I will release ASAP the translation table, so you can create a better translation for this app 😀

Download | DDH from Windows Store

Beware of imitations!