Device Diagnostics Hub – How to check active process, performance and apps about your Windows 10 Mobile


Welcome to Device Diagnostics HUB, the first tool to include a Task Manager, a Device Manager, a Network Center, a Restart + Shutdown button and more for Windows 10 Mobile!

Just enable the Device Portal from the phone settings and everything will be ready!

– CPU + RAM + GPU global usage
– DISK I/O real-time values
– Network Download + Upload
– List of Devices and Drivers, just like the PC “Device Manager”
– List of every system process running on the phone – A collection of every app (XAP / APPX) installed within the phone (and you can run some of them)
– WiFi network details, with informations about signal power, saved networks, SSID, WiFi channel and Security
– A button for Shutdown or Restart the Phone with dedicated Tiles to Pin (Tiles are included only with the IAP)


Precedente RNorba - Aggiornamento 1.5 disponibile sul Windows Store! Successivo Device Diagnostics Hub reaches version 1.5!
  • I have Windows 10 pro , and I can not install this application , it’s UWP ?

    • Hi, yes, the app is an UWP, but with this first version I’ve hidden the Desktop version.
      I’ve already finished the 1.5 BETA and will be available ASAP.
      However, consider that this app will not monitor the PC performance within the desktop version, but a phone available within the LAN