[Giveaway ended] Device Diagnostics HUB – Update 2.6 available now. Anniversary Update bugfixes.

July 25, 2016

Giveaway ended - details The giveaway ended, now I'm going to press the button to extract the winners! I will contact you via e-mail (English and italian Language) and, if possible, via facebook or twitter too (depends on the partecipation method). I'll wait 7 days for a reply. If I get a reply, I w

Giveaway – 2 Codes for Device Diagnostics HUB IAP!

February 29, 2016

Hi, Welcome to my first giveaway! I'm giving away two codes for Device Diagnostics HUB! Ok, just two because I'm testing for the first time Rafflecopter and I don't want to make some mistakes XD (More will come soon ;) ) Just follow the instructions and you're ready to partecipate! The contest will