Big update for Fast Post! Version 2.0 available!

Welcome to Fast Post, one of the faster note taking app for Windows 10 Mobile and Desktop reaches version 2.0 with one of the longest changelog ever!
If you don’t know about this tool, it’s a note taking app similar to Windows Sticky Notes, but with a lot of new functions and it’s available on Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile.
This is the first Universal Windows Platform App that you can use an app as widget. It’s possible to write notes with keyboard, mouse, touch and pen. You can customize every note with different colors, sizes and shapes and export it with different ways.
As Windows Store data, this is the first and only third-party app that can create a note by tapping on the “New note” button within the action center.

Fast Post 2.0 changelog

– Now it’s possible to write notes from your keyboard
– Rewrited multiple window management, to avoid duplicates and hidden windows
– Redesigned note wediting layout
– Redesigned note manager.
– Note detection now is fixed and it’s way better. No more lost or damaged notes.
– Note thumbnails are updated correctly only when the note manager gets focused.
– Jumplists on Start Menu is now supported for creating a new note.
– Now it’s possible to export the entire note in PNG.
– Desktop/Start/LockScreen background setter now is using PNG file format.
– Pinned LiveTiles gets updated automatically during editing.
– Better compatibility with the Action Center “new note” button.
– New settings for font size and color.
– Dark/light themes are better recognized within the editor.
– Note saving is twice as faster and more reliable.
– APP logo tweaked.
– The logo has been revised.
– Windows has now better menu bar titles.
– About page was updated to be similar to other apps-
– This version is stable and not BETA.
– Project was updated to Windows 10586 APIs (Windows 10 1511 update)
– Banner space was optimized

As the previous version, with the free version you can create only three notes. TO create more than three notes and hide the ads banner, please consider to buy the full version.

Download from Windows Store