About me

Hi, Welcome to my website! 😀

My name’s Pasquale Pignataro, I’m a ’96 and I live in Conversano, a small city in Italy (Bari district) and yes, “Pasqui industry” it’s me XD

I’m principally an independent developer, a blogger and a Microsoft fan. I’m a Recognized Developer on XDA Developers too!


My first product was a custom episode for Pekka Kana 2. That was the first time that I’ve showed my logo and my name 😀

I started to develop with GameMaker 8.0 some – bad – games when I was only 14 and you can still download them. My best game is Gobble Wobble 2
I tried to start some youtube series, but i ‘ve decided to abandon them for now…


My first successful tool were related to Windows 8 modding, such as ModernBack Changer and ModernApp Link


Then I tried to develop for the Windows Phone Store and Lumia Amber Check was born! 😀
Now that app, no named Firmware Update Check, after two years is still supported and available, after three names, 1000000+ (more than one million) downloads with 4.5 as average star review!

I made the first free file manager for Windows Phone 8.1 – Modern Explorer – and a lot of other tools.


I write with honor for Windows Blog Italia, one of the biggest italian website about Microsoft products. I’m the administrator and the creator of Windows Blog Italia forum


I’m the creator of CustomPFD, the first complete registry editor for Windows phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile and CustomWPSystem, an important tool that has opened the doors for Windows phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile Interop Unlock (Jailbreak)

Now I’m creating a lot of tools for Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform and more!

Really thanks for the support and sorry if there are some contents only available for italian users
You can find every tool within my website.